Using Grocery Coupons – Understanding and Identifying Different Types


To be able to utilize your grocery coupons, it is important to understand different types of grocery coupons and how each can be used.

To start with, all the coupons that can be utilized at grocery stores can be categorized into two, namely Manufacturer Coupon and Store Coupon.

Manufacturer Coupons are treated similar to cash which are actually distributed by the companies that make the products.

This category of Coupons will generally have the words ‘Manufacturer Coupon’ on the top. They will also include an address where the stores should be sending the coupons for redemption.

Manufacturing Coupons includes usage terms as well explaining how the coupon can be used along with details regarding limits and/or expiration dates.

Store Coupons are usually limited to the store that has issued the coupon and they are distributed by the stores themselves.

The words ‘Store Coupon’ or the store name will usually be found on the coupon. In order to activate the coupon, specific requirements must be met, which may require certain amount of purchases to be made from the store.


Are you wondering why you should even be bothered if you have a manufacturer’s or a store coupon They all redeem, right? Well, yes, but by using coupons smartly you can maximize your savings in a month. For example, at stores, one store coupon is allowed at a time on one item. However, at certain stores a manufacturer’s coupon and store coupon can be utilized for one item at the same time. This particular strategy is called Stacking coupons.

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